General Law

Company - Commercial Law

Our Law Firm represents many small-, middle- and large-scale companies and in particular:

  • We have a big presence in the area of consultative services with longstanding co-operations with companies that we consult on every legal aspect of their business and delegate us the extra-judicial and judicial pursuit of their claims or the defence against third party claims.
  • We have extensive experience and activity in drafting and working on contracts, international or not
  • Our Law Firm is highly familiarised with all types of companies currently provided by law and we have undertaken and concluded the establishment, acquisition, merger, transformation etc of companies and businesses of any type
  • We participate in BoDs and draft minutes of General Shareholders’ and BoD meetings of companies
  • We undertake procedures, extrajudicial, judicial and administrative, related to trademarks, industrial property in general, competition, claims from securities and any type of lawsuits
  • We have particular experience in matters of special management, bankruptcy, liquidation

Civil Law Cases - Vehicle And Labour Related Accidents

On this area of practice, we represent, apart from companies, many individuals in such proceedings and trials within the whole spectrum of civil law disputes, not only amongst individuals, but also against insurance companies

Real Property

Acquisitions - Leases - Claims

Our Law Firms’ engagement in such cases is particularly extensive, both at the level of the companies we represent as well as at the level of individual clientele and in particular at the level of our clients - construction companies

Family And Inheritence Law

Our Law Firm supports all types of corresponding claims and legal matters both at the level of consultancy as well as at the level of the corresponding proceedings before the Courts.

Labour Law Disputes

Due to our intense activity in Company and Commercial Law, on this subject we mainly represent the employer’s side both before the Labour Inspection authorities as well as before the Courts.