Our Law Firm

Our Law Firm, founded in 2011, is a continuation of the Law Office that was established and maintained initially by Athens Lawyer Georgios D. Andreou since 1975 and since 2004 together with Athens Lawyer Dimitrios G. Andreou.

Along with our associates, we combine many years of experience with modern legal perception and diverse activity in almost all subjects, as well as in specialized areas of consulting and litigation and at all levels of judicial, social and financial activity, and especially before the highest Courts of the country, the Supreme Court, the Council of State and the Court of Audit.

Our Law Firm’s characteristics are:

  • Reliability
  • High Level of Services
  • Efficiency
  • Constant updates and adaptation to new business and cognitive subjects that are a concern of society and of our clients
  • Direct personal communication and relationship

The above are attested by our Law Firm being the choice and enjoying the trust of many big and well known, but also hundreds of smaller clients.

This makes us proud and optimistic.

The areas of Law and the cases our Law Firm mainly handles are:

Α. General Law

Α1. General

  • Company and Commercial Law (consultation, articles of association, mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, contracts, trademarks, competition, claims, liquidation, special management and more)
  • Civil claims and disputes of all natures, and particularly from Vehicle and Labour related accidents.
  • Real Property – Acquisitions – Leases – Claims
  • Family and Inheritance Law
  • Labour Law disputes

Α2. Areas of Specialisation in Civil and Commercial Law

  • Housing Associations
  • Medical Errors from a civil and penal aspect
  • International Transport Law
  • Land Registry

Β. Administrative Law

  • Taxation and Customs cases and their administrative and penal law aspects

C. Areas of Specialisation

Our Law Firm has been particularly engaged and is experienced in specialised areas of activities, such as:

  • Energy and particularly its production from renewable sources
  • Industry
  • Environment
  • Forestry issues from an administrative and penal law perspective (forestry maps, characterisations, appeals etc)
  • The legal support of companies and particularly of industries and production facilities in their licensing procedures (environmental, forestry, industrial and port authorities licensing)
  • Seashore, coast, beachfront and ports
  • The legal support of development and management procedures of Industrial Areas and Parks. Establishment and support of the particular types of companies provided by law
  • Legislative work, consultation and litigation on the above subjects

D. Areas of Specialisation in Administrative Law

  • Legal Support of first- and second-degree local governments
  • Public works
  • Support of Partnership Agreements (PA) for European Union funds
  • Legislation on Pharmaceuticals, Distribution of Medical Products and Medicines
  • Legislative work on the above subjects

Ε. Penal Law

Our Law Firm supports the penal law aspects of the above subjects