Areas of Specialisation In Administrative Law

Our Law Firm was for many years assisting the Region of Central Greece and members and associates of our Law Firm participated either as elected members or as external advisors of First and Second Degree Local Governments making us one of the Law Firms with particular experience on the corresponding issues.

Management Of European Resources

Our Law Firm has particular experience with the specialised issue of the support of Management of European Resources (PA programmes for European Union Funds etc), for which we were and still are assisting the Region of Central Greece and many Municipalities

Legislation On Pharmaceuticals

Our Law Firm has represented and still represents businesses operating in production and sales of pharmaceutical, medical and diagnostic products at all levels of the corresponding legislation and we have been involved in many issues, such as tariffs, transfers of licenses, rabate, clawback etc.

Legilative Activity

In many of the issues of First and Second Degree Local Governments, Public Works, PA management and Legislation on Pharmaceuticals it was asked from our Law Firm and we drafted, in collaboration with the competent authorities, law plans, amendments, provisions, that have been ratified.