Dimitrios G. Andreou
Managing Partner

Dimitrios G. Andreou
Managing Partner

Dimitrios Andreou is an Attorney at Law at the level of the Supreme Court and is a member of the Athens BAR Association since 2004.

He graduated from the Law Faculty of the School of Law, Economics and Political Sciences of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2002.

He continued his studies in the Law School of the University of Bristol, in the U.K. (2002-2003), where he received a title of postgraduate studies (LL.M.) with specialization in Commercial Law issues.

He also attended, and graduated first of his class, the postgraduate course of Business for Lawyers of the ALBA Graduate Business School (2005-2006).

He is the legal advisor of many big and medium scale businesses handling cases and issues of the whole spectrum of Commercial, Company, Civil and Taxation Law, before Civil, Administrative and Penal Courts.

He has big experience in Drafting and working on Contracts, International or not, in a plethora of subjects, and on issues of Acquisitions, Mergers and Transformations of Companies.

He has particularly handled issues of Energy related legislation, Transports, Pharmaceutical legislation, Real Property and Land Registry, with significant judicial presence and experience in a variety of Civil Law and Vehicle and Labour Law related cases.

He can work with ease in the English language and has language diplomas in German and Spanish.

Private e-mail: [email protected]